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We include a FREE JOINT with every order all day long! is West Hollywood and all of California’s premiere¬†online Medical Marijuana Delivery Collective.

We are a nonprofit member based compassionate care collective dedicated to delivering the highest quality organic medicine to our members. Our network of patient members provide the best Medical Cannabis products available. We deliver safely and discreetly to your home or office, seven days of the week. Overnight delivery is available to anywhere in California.

The Hemp plant has many uses ranging from being able to make products such as paper, paint, fuel, oil, construction materials and rope to medical uses such as smoking or vaporizing to relieve pain and nausea or ingesting it in the concentrated hash oil form which has been reported to reduce and often reverse cancerous tumor growth as well as improve joint and tendon function in patients with arthritis and osteoporosis. On top of this list of uses that seem to good to be true the Hemp plant, merely by being planted in fields rejuvenates and re-nourishes soils so land can be reused for crops, and it has such a high CO2 intake that if planted in large numbers, can vastly improve air quality on a global scale.

After opening in 2010 we began to see the many uses for Marijuana and it has inspired us to create this network of members so we can provide both cannabis and education about Hemp to our members. If you want to find out more you can check out our Resources page (coming soon). Welcome to We are happy to have you.

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